Friday, June 15, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. I never spent my Christmas Bonus until now. I decided to use it to stock up on groceries. The boys have been eating like crazy! They take turns with growth spurts. At the beginning of summer break it was Isaak that was starving, now it's Mica. Mica's the same hight as me now.

    Those that have kids, do you feel like you spend way more in the summer on food than any other time during the year?

  2. Speaking of food...

    I was talking to Travis about garden mulch.

    All the sudden Isaak pipes in to say, "I really love the taste of mulches."

    Curious as to what Isaak thought mulch was I asked, "What is mulch Isaak?"

    Isaak said, "That brown stuff in a cup that comes up from the freezer, that we have to thaw out before drinking it."

    I said, "Isaak that is called Good Rich malts. Not mulches. Mulch is the stuff that's in the garden."

    He said, "Oh! Well I like malts then." On my grocery store run I bought some Good Rich malts." I so want to refer to them as "Mulches". 

  3. Mica's a great kid for the most part. He's always gotten A's in school, but man his lack of effort in tasks at home is more like a D-. I would say it's an age/stage thing, but Isaak's always put in pretty good effort when it comes to home chores. 

  4. Here's how Mica loads the dishwasher when there was all that space...

  5. We went to visit my parents. They just got back from a week long trip. Isaak starts feeling my Mom's arm fat and says, "Wow you're so muscular!" We all had a good laugh! 


~ Noelle said...

Ha ha ha.
I always love your random posts.
Hope yall are enjoying summer ;)

Ai Sakura said...

Yes I think we spend more on holiday meals too but mostly because we tend to relax and eat out more.. that's a really cute face plate!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I love those dishes! Super cute. And have fun doing groceries. My boy is having the growth spurt as well. Almost as tall as me :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Yes, summer always calls for a hike in the grocery budget. Allison can eat all day and not gain a pound. It's ridiculous.

mail4rosey said...

Man, oh man yes! The grocery (and a/c bill) both spike way too high in the summer. :)


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