Thursday, November 1, 2018

Terrarium Humidifier Review

I'm a bit terrarium obsessed. 

Possibly because my sister's name Terra is in terrarium, but more likely because they are so dang cute! I like little mushrooms, flowers, moss and animals.

Ohderii makes a humidifier | terrarium that is adorable!

I like that it had two functions.

Humidifier: The top gets filled up with water and/or essential oils to steam. The container is perfect, for just the right amount of water. I find with most steamers I don't use the full amount of water, and end up having to get rid of it. I don't want to turn on the steam later on, and have mold going up in the air. With this one I don't have to worry about all that.

Having asthma and a nose unlike others it's important I keep moisture in the air.

The steamer also comes with an extra filter.

Terrarium: The bottom is an enchanting scene. It has flowers, plants, moss, a mushroom and a bunny.


You can get the top in pink or blue.

It changes colors. The first time I used it, it changed through seven colors. The second time I used it, it didn't light up. I don't know if it broke, or if I need to press somewhere to get the colors to start lighting up. Regardless it's still wonderful to look at. 

USB Powered:

It has a USB plug. I kind of wish it was powered by a regular cord. I had it plugged into my laptop to run. I got up, not thinking, and it spilled all over. Thankfully not on my laptop. I'm just not used to USB powered things except for devices like phones, computers, kindles, and so on.

Where to Get This:

You can get this at amazon, for $15.28 on Prime.

With your decor do you like modern or cute? I have both. I'm eclectic. 

Disclaimer: I got this product for free, or a big discount to help with this review. The company did not tell me what to write in the review. I only review things I find my family, friends or readers will find helpful.


mail4rosey said...

I'm not sure I'm modern or eclectic. I think my taste is more classic? Some would say boring. ;) I don't care, I like what I like. Glad the spill didn't hit your computer!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I like that it's not big and bulky and it has cute little critters on the bottom. I think this would be fun to put in one of the bedrooms.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I love terrarium as well, Alissa. Near our house in Astoria, we have our small terrarium shop. it is super cute!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I always love witch themes and all the accessories! Or vampires :).Oldies and classic, right. But your cactus costume is fun!

~ Noelle said...

we, that is cute.
Like a little 2 in 1 gift idea ;)


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