Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pinkeye, Pinkeye, Influenza, Influenza

Mica got sick with a virus shortly after he had surgery. It was right after New Years. It turned into pinkeye. Thank goodness for an on call nurse at the pediatrician's office. They called in drops for Mica's eyes. We didn't need to make the trip into the germ infested Urgent Care, where we would also bring germs to. His pinkeye went away in 2 days.

5 days later I got sick. I started feeling better, and stopped by an art opening. My Mom said, "Your eyes are pink!" I had just looked in the mirror right before I left. Sure enough I got pinkeye too. That night I couldn't even open my eyes up. I looked like a stoned boxer that was in a fight. No matter how many times I'd clean my eyes they'd goop right up again.

One thing I learned from Mica's nurse was to clean pinkeyes with wet cotton balls. Then you can just throw them out. I had to do a few hot washcloths to take the swelling down. 

It was course the weekend again! My doctor's office doesn't have an on call nurse. So I did what I wasn't supposed to do; I used Mica's drops for my eyes. It worked, but it took me 4 days to get over my pinkeye. My eyes were still still sore for a few days after that.

On Wednesday Travis came down with something. I thought for sure it was the virus leading in to pinkeye too. He never got pinkeye. He's been dead to the world though. I'm pretty sure he had Influenza. 

Now Mica's been sneezing, snotting, has a headache, and body aches. I think he has what Travis had.

So far it's skipped Isaak. *Figures crossed he doesn't get it!

I've been cleaning and doing laundry like mad! Since it was warmer today I opened the house up. 

Has anyone in your family been sick?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Adjustable Tablet Stand, Phone Stand Review

Do you ever want to watch a video on your phone, Kindle or a tablet?

At times I show the boys YouTube videos on my phone. Other times the boys watch Minecraft videos on their Kindles. It's kind of annoying that my phone or their Kindles won't stand up on their own to watch a video. I wouldn't expect them to, but would like them to.

I recently just got an adjustable tablet or phone stand. There's actually 2 in a pack! One for me, and one for the boys to share. You can get them here: for $8.99.

They came in a tiny box. A few things that are great about these stands is that they don't take up a lot of room, they fold up, and they are super light weight!

In Use:

I used them for my phone and Isaak's Kindle. One problem: I had to take them out of their cases to use it. 

What I thought:

They were easy to use. There really isn't very much setting up to do. They are made of a thick plastic, but have metal screws. I tend to think plastic is cheap, and doesn't hold up well. Because they are so thick, I think they'll be fine. About the only thing that's annoying is taking the devices out of their cases. I could see my boys doing this, and dropping their device in the process.

I thought it was great that it came with 2 stands. I have to be honest that I didn't really read the description all that closely when I got them. It was a surprise (in a good way) when I got 2. It's nice that 1 is black and 1 is white.

It's great that you can use the same stands for different sized devices. The stands condense down, and expand as well.

I think the overall price of $8.99 is great.

Do you watch very many videos?

Disclaimer: We got this product in exchange for our opinion on them. The company in no way told me what to write, or influenced me in any way.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Classes started back up this week. My students and my kids had a snow day. They called it the day before it snowed.

    Some were like, "It's great schools called it. Those kids shouldn't be walking to their bus stops with ice and snow on the ground."

    Others said, "There's no sign of snow yet, and they already called it?"

    It ended up icy, but barely snowing.

    What it looked like this morning. It snowed afterwards, but not a lot.

    I had a mix of thoughts. It is hard as a teacher to change my syllabus. It's like planning everything all over again. At Mica's school they were to have a Science Fair. They are still having it, but parents won't be invited to view everything. I was looking forward to that. 

  2. My Mom was all worried that I went in to work. Again there wasn't a lot of snow! I don't live that far from a main street, and I don't have a big hill to go up or down. She hates the snow, but also hates the summer heat.  I thought, Geez my mom is talking to me like I'm 16. I think I know how to drive in the snow at 41 years old!

  3. Did anyone watch the Tonya Harding special? What were your thoughts on it? Do you believe her? Do you think there's more lies that she's hiding? Travis doesn't believe her. I have more empathy with the abuse she's gone through. I don't know how or why she'd lie about more.

  4. I never got a full blown cold. I just got a bit stuffy, but man I've been tired! 

  5. I sinned and bought some Keebler cookies. I caved from Mica's begging. They went untouched until their day off. I found out the boys ate all the cookies, except for 2. I That's 16 cookies they ate. If they split them than 8 cookies each! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Messing With the Weather Man

Our weather man Bill Randby loves to say the word, "Spectacular!" Someone from a radio station wrote in to say that he says the word too much. The next day I wrote on facebook live, "Bill you look spectacular!" He read it, and giggled.

Later on he said it was sunny. I wrote, "I've got that sunshine in my pocket." He read it out loud, and giggled again.

I like him, maybe that's why I mess with him. I don't do it out of spite. No I don't have the hots for him either.

Here was one of his recent posts:

I wrote all these. I think the fact that he reads my comments live makes it all that more funny to me.

I get my humor from my Dad. My kids have a good sense of humor as well. I love those moments where I laugh so hard I cry. Are you a silly person?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

WW: Monica {Linky}

Isaak plays this a lot. He calls it his, "Monica". It's actually his harmonica. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Queen Shirt

Mica's obsessed with the band Queen. I'm not sure how he became obsessed with the bad. I like Queen, but it's never been a band I listen to over and over again.

Kids in his grade make fun of him because he likes old bands.

I decided to make Mica a Queen shirt. 

Picking out colors can be hard, or easy. The shirt was grey, so I decided Freddy Mercury's face would be purple. I chose black for the text.

I went with an iron on vinyl. I don't find vinyl to always be super permanent. I've had some edges come up in the past. If that happens I just re iron it down. Kid's obsessions change. I didn't want to spend a lot on a t-shirt.

I cut out Mercury's face.

It was simple I just ironed it on.

Then I found one of Mica's favorite lyrics, typed it on my computer, put the t-shirt over the screen of my laptop, and used the laptop as a light box to fabric paint in the words.

It's not perfect, but Mica loved it!

If you could choose any band to have on a t-shirt what band would it be? 

Pink Eye?

Mica woke up with pinkish eyes on Saturday. He looked like he had stoner eyes.

I didn't think too much of it. He's been battling a slight cold. We all have. I just figured his eyes were probably irritated.

When we were out and about it dawned on me...possibly he had/has pink eye.

That's one thing we've never had at our house. 

I didn't want to take him to Urgent Care. I don't want yet another bill, and I really don't want to catch anything that is there. It's like a breeding ground for germs. The big Influenza has started; I've read about people having Strep Throat too. 

I decided we'd let his eyes be for a day. We had a talk about washing his hands a lot, and we cleaned all the handles and switches with disinfectant wipes. 

On Sunday Travis called the doctor's office. Thankfully they have a nurse on call. He informed them about not wanting to go to Urgent Care. Mica just had surgery a little more than a week ago. We didn't want him bringing another thing home. Travis explained how his eyes were matted shut. 

This is after Mica cleaned his goopy eyes:

The doctor's office called Mica in some eye drops for Pink Eye. The nurse explained that it's best to clean his eyes out with warm cotton balls. Then we could just throw them away. I'm glad she told us that because I was using warm baby washcloths. I learn something new all the time. That totally made sense to me. 

Thankfully the boys still didn't have school today. It's a teacher's day. I was thinking they started back today. It's Monday. I start school back today. I saw a friend post that her son has an extra day to get better. That's when I looked on the school's calendar. One more day for recovery + he won't be a carrier of Pink Eye if that is in fact what he had. 

Have you or your kids (if you have them) ever had Pink Eye? I remember having it as a child, but that's it.

Mica never complained about his eyes feeling sore. He never complained about being sore after his surgery. He has a high pain tolerance. The only thing that I've notice that has bothered him in the past is hangnails. Yep you read that right. If Mica gets a hangnail it messes up his whole day. 

I would say I'm like Mica. I have a high pain tolerance level. I went through having messed up sinuses for years. I just lived with it. Isaak and Travis are more alike. If they get sick, they are out. Do you have a high pain tolerance?

Friday, January 5, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak's teacher taught his class how to do Sudoku puzzles. He's been attached to this book of puzzles the first 1/2 of the break. I wish I would have known. I would have gotten him more books like this for Christmas.

  2. Do you remember my co-worker that makes me clean and hide things? I blogged about her here. She hasn't made me move the student's folders yet this school year. Either she A) Gave up. or B) Hasn't found them.

    She has made me clean. The day I had to leave early for Mica's surgery she came into my office asking if I'd have time to sweep the first year classroom? I agreed, but thought it was WAY SILLY considering that I just swept the concrete floors the last day of the student's being here. I swept well! I went over to sweep, and got maybe 4 command strips in a full dust pan. I made sure to show her all that dirt I had.

  3. I get songs in my head that just won't leave. The latest one is the Dirty Dancing song, One look at you and I can't disguise I've got hungry eyes... This visual came to mind, so I made it happen...

  4. I'm ready for the weekend. Are you? 

  5. Mica seems to be healing up from his surgery. He hardly complains about it. I have to ask to see his scar to make sure it's not infected. It's just on his lower stomach. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

WW: All Dressed Up for Christmas Eve {Linky}

It's been busy around the Apel house. Between Christmas events, a New Years Dance Party, and Mica needing a hernia surgery we've been swamped. How has your holiday break been?

Meet Hernia

We got Mica into surgery as soon as possible after we learned that he had a Unilateral Inguinal Hernia without obstruction or gangrene.

A) We wanted him in because I had already hit my deductible. Might as well add to hit the family one. Yikes!

B) We didn't want obstruction or gangrene to happen.

C) It wasn't going to go away on its own. He had it at least a few years.

D) He'd have some recovery time before school started back up.

Travis took the boys to the doctor, and the pre-op appointment. I love the boy's doctor, but I am annoyed that he didn't look into there being a hernia before at his last appointment. At least we caught it before obstruction or gangrene happened!

I took much of Friday off to be with Mica for surgery.

The boys used to beg me to go to Children's Hospital. It was a big deal when we went. I never would let them go because I sure as heck didn't want them to pick up anything at the hospital. We really only went when one our our own kids had to go, or when my nephew Emerson was in the hospital.

Mica's sure showing his age because he wasn't stoked about the lobby of the hospital like he always was before. They even had a party going on with snacks and costumes, and Mica wanted nothing to do with it.

We had to be there 2 hours before the surgery time.

He didn't complain about being hungry at all. Surgery was at 1:30, and he hadn't had anything to eat, since 6:30 the night before.

The most pain he had was the IV being poked into him.

He laid there reading a book called Ugly, which is kind of like Wonder only less emotional (according to Mica).

I didn't see him for a little over an hour.

The nurses were cracking up over the stuff the was saying!

He dreamed about Jen and Pat talking about Mine Craft, which I happen to call Mine Crap. He wised he dreamed about kissing a girl. 

He was freaking out about not having boxers or pants on. 

He kept covering up his head to look at his incision; even thought it was covered up.

He went to the bathroom, but came back apologizing to the nurses and me because he forgot he was supposed to sit, and not stand to pee. 

Then when he was handed his bear, which they give everyone he named him, "Hernia Man". He said he had to name him that because Isaak got one and named him, "Stitches" when he was younger. I'm just glad he didn't name him "Nut Job" because that's what Mica and Travis kept inappropriately calling his procedure. 

Meet Hernia Man:

We got home safe and sound. Mica asked if he could take his hospital band off. I messed with him and said, "No! You have to leave that on until you're all better. That's how they track you!" I think he believed me for a minute. 

He's done really well! Kind of looked peeked. No fever, rashes, and just a little muscle pain. I only had to give him 1 big pain pill. His surgery strips fell off. He kind of panicked with that. I told him that the nurse said that may happen. 

He only has to miss 2 weeks of activity. That's 1 week of gym participation. 

What kinds of surgeries have you had? I had 2 C-Sections and the nose surgery. The nose surgery was far worse than the C-Sections. 

Doctor Time

I wanted to get the boys in to see their doctor before we switched insurance. Our new insurance sucks!

To be honest I thought about skipping their well check all together this year. There were a few things of concern, so I made an appointment the day after Christmas, and Travis took them in.

Little boys Big boys supporting their new headphones they got for Christmas:

I always find their stats to be interesting!


BMI: 18 - 50% 
Weight: 107 - 70%
Height: 5' 4" - 95%

We had Doctor Harrison check out Mica's moles. He's at that age where things like that pop up! All of them are ok. 

We learned that Mica did need surgery on a hernia! That post will come. It was an expensive 2017! I'm glad Mica got it taken care of though! His doctor said he needed surgery, and it could have messed up his bowels if we let it go.


BMI: 15 - 16%
Weight: 72 - 63%
Height: 4' 10" - 95%

Doctor Harrison said we're doing all the right things with Isaak in regards to bed wetting. We limit drinks after 6:30, he goes to the bathroom before bed, and we take him to the bathroom at 10 or so before we go to bed. That prevents bed wetting 99% of the time.

Isaak did, or maybe still does have a cyst on the back of his neck. I told him, "Join the flipping club!" Travis, Isaak and Doctor Harrison tried to find Isaak's cyst, and poof it was gone, or moved. They couldn't find it. We just were pointing it out the night before to my mom. It would be nice if it magically disappeared! I wish the one on my forehead would do that!

They are both tall and skinny! Mica's filled out a bit more than Isaak. Mica's clothes go directly to Isaak. Isaak can wear them, but the pants are questionable. Isaak has trouble keeping a lot of pants up. He really is a stick! 

Travis' Mom has some tall brothers. My Dad is tall! My Mom is taller than I am. My projection will be that the boys will end up to be tall.

Apel Christmas

Christmas Eve is just as big of a deal as Christmas Day is for us. I hardly take photos. The lighting is crappy on Christmas Eve because it's so late. The lighting on Christmas Day is crappy because it's so early. - Thanks to Mica; he's my early to rise kid.

Christmas Eve:

We dress up to go to church. I have to be honest - we're not typical church goers. Then we go to my parent's house to eat soup, shrimp, cheese, crackers, and more. We open gifts after that.

While we were getting the food on the table the boys played their instruments. I thought at first, Oh God help us! Someone is going to get annoyed they are playing. My Grandpa and Aunt Becky loved it. They don't get to hear them play at school. Mica plays the trumpet, Isaak plays the violin, and my nephew Evan plays the flute.

It does seem like emotions run high during Christmas time. Someone gets pissed off at something. That night seemed like it worked well.

The food was great like always!

My big gift was a genealogy kit, which I still need to read over. Both boys got a big Lego gift. Travis got some cargo pants he's wanted.

We got home about 9:30.

Christmas Morning:

I heard coffee being made at 4:30. It was Mica. He was sitting on the love seat reading a book my sister got him the night before. I said, "Go back to bed! It's too early to be up!" He said, "I can't sleep." You'd think with not believing in Santa that he'd be ok with staying in bed. He's always been the first to be up on holidays and weekends. We have a rule that he has to make coffee before he does anything else. Ha!

He did go back to bed, but not to sleep.

I messed up an item in one of their stockings. One got something the other was to get. I'm pretty sure Isaak doesn't believe now, but he pretends he does. 

Mica's Stocking: Heat Holder Socks,  gloves, a fidget spinner, a couple other fidget toys

Isaak's Stocking: Heat Holder Socks, a leather wallet, a gold harmonica, a fidget spinner, a couple other fidget toys, and a few sewing cards he thought were a joke 

I thought he'd enjoy the sewing cards.

Isaak did grump a lot when he found out he didn't get a drone. My goal wasn't to mess up his Christmas. He felt like I was trying to. 

 Travis loved this manly apron I got him:

We ate cinnamon rolls my mom makes us every year.

We went to my Aunt's house for Christmas Day.

Some of the food I brought:

My Aunt Becky has Mica and my nephew Evan help give gifts to the little kids. Most of them are my cousin's kids:

Isaak was a bump on the log with taking pictures:

We didn't get any snow until the day before Christmas Eve, and it's been flurrying and bitter cold since. I'm ok because it is winter. I am more of a summer girl! My Mom drives me batty because she posted that she's ready for spring now that it's snowed. When summer gets here she complains about the heat. I want my birthday at a park, and she flat out won't do it because it's too hot! 

I guess Omaha, Nebraska has been the same temp as Antarctica, just cloudier. It's been popping up on people's facebook posts. 

How was your Christmas if you celebrate it? Has it been super cold where you live? 

Holiday Freeze Frame Program

Isaak's elementary school had a really fun holiday program this year called Freeze Frame. I think I enjoyed it so much because Isaak was in it so much. 

He's in strings this year:

I think he was thinking, Mom why do you have to take a photo of me?

It slightly cracks me up that Mica and Isaak are some of the tallest kids in their grades, and their best friends are the shortest.

He's not a master of the violin, but for starters he plays really well. Their whole class is ahead of where classes usually are.

Isaak likes to play. He practices songs beyond where they are at. He tells me the hard thing is to stay with the others. During the concert his teacher played the piano to get them to stay together.

Isaak tried out for  Show Choir, and got into that:

As his teacher puts it, they are just starting. Their Show Choir consists of 4th and 5th graders. Show Choir usually doesn't start until 7th grade in many schools. They do minimal actions.

After a few months, Isaak still loves to go to Show Choir in the mornings! He got really bummed once when he and Dad forgot about it.

Little man was sort of stressed out because he had Strings, then Show Choir right away. He had to hurry to take away his music stand. He wanted to wear his dress up shirt for Strings, but decided it was too much, too fast to have to put his Show Choir shirt on between them. He just left it on.

Some of the songs were from The Beach Boys. Isaak wanted to hear them on YouTube. He said, "Why are all their songs about surfing and the beach?" I laughed and said, "Well they are called The BEACH Boys." He said, "Oh."

I of course recorded everything, but the last section of song. That was the best part. Oh well.

He also sang two songs with his class:

The next photo cracks me up! It's Isaak telling the other kids to be quiet! It wasn't time for talking! He's great at standing up for himself, his friends, the rules, fairness and what's morally right. Bossy to some, but to me I wish I had a little more of him in myself.

Most years my Mom leans into me and says, "Now why can they sing about Hanukkah, but not Christmas?" Well they did sing about Christmas, just not Jesus. Nor did they sing about God, Mohamed, or any other spiritual leader. I had to point that out to her.

Just like some get hung up on weather one should say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, there's people that get hung up on if kids doing The Pledge of Allegiance in school, and what's sung in holiday programs. I have people in my life that are really religious and people that are not religious at all. Whatever is fine by me. I error on the side of schools not getting into religion; as they are state funded. If they do, they should talk about many religions. Not just Christianity. If you want a religious base go to worship somewhere, put your kids in a private school, or homeschool them.  What are your thoughts on this? I have people I love on different sides, so I'm not here to judge your thoughts. It's an interesting conversation.

Did you go to any holiday programs this year?


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