Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You Afraid of Snakes?

I got a few comments yesterday about how different readers loved the potato dig, but the photo of the snake freaked them out! 

I'm actually pretty girly, but tom boyish when it comes to worms, snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and turtles. I used to find toads at my Grandparents house. They would get me a bucket to put them in. Then I would scare my older sister with them. Mean, I know! She used to try and tease me about how she was going to push me down the steps. I have a fear of falling down them now. Sibling payback is brutal.

Why do I like snakes?

It started when I was very little. All furry things, especially cats would close up my lungs. I actually get a high after being around them. Kind of like how a diabetic gets a high when they don't have enough sugar. It's an odd combination to wheeze, cough, have watery eyes and be laughing all at the same time! My mom did everything right with raising my butt. She breastfed me, gave me well balanced meals, kept the house pretty clean, we had little soda to drink and we had two dogs when I was born. All those things are supposed to help prevent allergies. Genetics won! 

They had to get rid of the dogs when I was 5 because I got sick so much! Sorry Dad I know you loved those dogs! I had asthma, so we had trips to the emergency room to help me breathe. I've kind of out grown the asthma thing, except when I lived in Georgia. My allergies were pretty bad there!

I grew to like other kinds of pets. The abnormal pets. I've never had one as a pet, but if my kids wanted one I'd be open to the idea.

A friend of mine in high school had a basement that had 5 tanks full of snakes. I held some of them. He had an albino boa constrictor; that was pretty cool. In college he called me up to go to a snake convention. I went. It was kind of odd, but the people were really nice. They were passionate about snakes and lizards! It was cool seeing all the tanks. I don't know how I'd feel about feeding the snakes though!

I actually get excited to see a gardener snake. We have no poisonous snakes in Nebraska, so that worry is out. They kill off other unwanted things in your garden. Really they are good!

I'm an odd girl I know!

Our boy's like snakes.

The only animal they are afraid of that I've seen: Mica seems to be stand offish with dogs. Grandpa Spiehs {Dad} took him for a walk when he was early 3. Grandpa went to talk to someone he knew, and their dog pounced on top of Mica. The dog didn't hurt him, but it scared him and me! He's been stand offish with dogs ever since. Isaak on the other hand loves them! As far as allergies go, our boy's have some, but not as bad as mine. Mica seems to be worse then Isaak. Mica's always needed more sleep then Isaak. He wakes up with allergy eyes sometimes. Just puffy eyes. I can tell when he's had a nap! I don't know if they are allergic to furry things, or not. I think it's more environmental.

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Anonymous said...

i simply scrolled down because i did not even want to see that photo again :( and i did not read the still afraid of snakes...actually, i recall an incident. my folks stayed in defence area and there used to be snakes time i was home to see my parents (i worked in different city)and went for a shower. as soon i closed the door, didn't pay attention to anything and undressed :| there was a black snake on the door and i could not even step out as i was not wearing anything. i managed to wear the clothes in less than 5 seconds,opened the door and screamed like i have never screamed in my entire life :| it was a poisonous snake so we had to call help...they killed the snake :(


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