Thursday, August 4, 2011

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Wine?

Isaak has been incredibly fussy! Last evening he got mad because he wanted my help putting on his shoes; then he wanted to do it himself. I let him put his own shoes on; he gets mad because he can't get them on. Back and forth we go. I finally I just put them on; ignoring the wine. We leave Grandma and Grandpa's Spiehs' house. Isaak fell asleep in the car. This rarely happens. Daddy takes him inside, Isaak crashes on the couch. This to rarely happens.

When it was bedtime he got mad because of I don't know what. He was so worked up, I couldn't understand him. Daddy stepped in and calmed him down; I'm not even sure how.

This morning Isaak tried pulling on Daddy and hurt his own arm. He cried like he was in pain for awhile. Milking up all the attention from me as he could get. He always wants the parent that's not in the front line of his problem.

Then he fell in the driveway, busted his knee and cried some more.

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs took the boy's over to Aunt Terra's house where they made homemade cheese. Isaak I ask you, "Would you like some cheese with that whine?"

Isaak's three and he's acting the part. Stubborn and sweet all mixed into one little boy. He wants to do things that he just hasn't masted yet. He wants to skip naps like his older brother, and can't function as well with less sleep. If I ask him what he wants for breakfast? He says, "What's Mica having Mommy?" I tell him, and he wants what Mica's having. Even though he really doesn't want what Mica's having at all. Yogurt goes left untouched. I won't serve him that for awhile! Food wasting isn't a habit I want to start!

Isaak secretly looks up to his older brother. Mica of course is blind to Isaak's admiration.


What I Did Today said...

Don't you just looooooove days like that? Britt was in a grouchy mood yesterday. The whining definitely tests our patience, huh?

Lindsay said...

This post reminded me of my son. I've definitely had days like that with him.

Anonymous said...

Kids do that all the time. I am very very close to my brother who is 13 years younger. He used to do what I like and he has a passion for photography too. He has grown up now :) and now he is so unlike me....he thinks its difficult to understand how women react :) he is only a teenager and acts as if he doesn't like to talk to girls in his school...


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