Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tonight Was Date Night

I'm so glad my one and only niece drives and can babysit!

We went straight from work to Borders. Where I stared at chilidren's books, and Daddy went upstairs to look over the adult ones. I've always loved children's books. They are not just for the kids, but for me to. Oh Borders, how I will miss you!

Then we went to a small place to have a yummy falafel. I haven't had one in a really long time and it was GOOD! I have to say that I like Daddy's falafel's! They are pretty damn good, and hard to top! I didn't know what one was prior to 2000. When he asked me if I wanted one I was expecting some cousin to a waffle. HA! It's far from a waffle.

Then we went to 3 gallery openings downtown. It was nice to walk around.

The first place was at Kent Bellow's Studio. He's an artist that was super realistic. He passed away. Rumor has it, that he committed suicide. He was also sick with cancer. They turned his studio into a gallery for high school students, some of which Daddy has mentored. Much of his studio is still in tack. Paint tubes are left untouched, huge flat file of charcoal bits and his easel is still up. I'm glad they left some stuff for outsiders to see.

The other one was the Co-Op gallery where Daddy has his work.

Then we went to a gallery, which is owned by a guy I grew up going to school with. He does nude fashion photos. The photo's are pretty racy. They had the most amazing screen prints in another room! We really liked them!

We went back home and listened to videos on YouTube. The pick of the night was Ani DiFranco. I haven't listened to her for a long while. I love her music. She has enthusiasm, passion and is willing to write what she wants. All of her albums are self recorded. Even the artwork on the CD's are Ani's. My favorite song is: 32 Flavors. That one is a little less bouncy, but super meaningful.

A few lines:

"I'm beyond your peripheral vision, so you might want to turn your head. Someday you are going to get hungry and eat most of the words you just said."

"Both my parents have taught me about good will and I have done well by their names. Just the kindness I lavish on strangers is more then I can explain. Still there's many who turned out their porch lights just so I would not think they were not home…"

"God help you if you are an ugly girl; course too pretty is also a flaw. Everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room."

All her lyrics mean something. I saw her in concert once, and she has a lot of energy. She has pissed people off a time or two. I just love how she writes how she feels. Sometimes when you write how you feel people find fault with it. I find that interesting because this is supposed to be a free country. People are free to write what they want; I guess people are free to find fault with it to. What is being free really? 

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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Ani...I should. Right now am sitting in my lounge and husband is watching am not supposed to switch on music on the laptop :D

Falafel...I got bored of it now....I wonder if they got the same taste in UK and USA...funny how same food can taste different in different countries...


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