Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 6 Weeks to Cousin Emerson!

Emerson had his 6 week birthday party yesterday!

Daddy held him, then I held him and then Isaak held him. Emerson wasn't fussy the whole time Isaak had him, but got that way right before I took pictures! Stinker! After I shot this I got to hold him again.

I thought this was perfect since Emerson is screaming: "Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Boppy: One of the many things we gave up. Thank you Terra for taking it off our hands. She used her's so much that it's flattened out a bit. For some reason I never got into using mine. I used pillows though.

Dessert: Grandma Spiehs made a Sorbet dessert. Graham cracker crust with melted sorbet, graham cracker crumbs on top, and refroze. Everyone liked it!

Emerson: He keeps gaining weight, he's 8 pounds 11 ounces. He got his hands taken away {not literally}. Why? because he keeps being naughty and pulling on his tubes. It's so great that many infant nighties have the hand protectors. Then of course there are baby mittens to.

Us: We left earlier then the other times. Our kids were being feisty! Isaak's now realizing that he needs sleep I think. Last week he fought naps and bedtime. This week he needs naps and has gone to bed on time.

Video: I watched a video that made me cry yesterday. You can see it here. It's on the discriminatory care of babies with Trisomy 18.


Love{&}Bugs said...

Happy 6 weeks Emmerson!! These posts always make me so happy!
Must be something in the water because my little man has been fighting sleep too

Veronica Lee said...

Happy 6 weeks to sweet Emerson!! Way to go!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, A!

Anonymous said...

Yeee! Happy 6 weeks lil one <3


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