Friday, August 5, 2011

Isaak's New Bed

Aunt Angela was selling cousin Ethan's bedroom furniture. I jumped at the offer! I could never buy what I bought from her in the store right now! Aunt Angela is much cheaper! She took off $100 for Isaak's old dresser that we didn't even buy. She even knew we didn't buy it.

Isaak's room does look tiny. He has a tiny room! We got things to work.

Here he is in his new captains bed:

He looks tiny in that big bed! They grow fast! He'll fill it up in no time.
Night Training: The boy is getting much better about staying dry at night! YAY! I've been putting on underwear and then a dipper over them. Daddy's idea. Sounds weird I know. I'm hardly what anyone would call, "Normal." Training pants just leaked out the sides too much. I wanted him to feel the wetness though. It's all about layers. I had wet pad, fitted sheet, wet pad, fitted sheet, wet pad, fitted sheet. If he peed, I didn't need to wash and change his sheets in the middle of the night. I could just strip the layers. The bedding being in layers was Aunt Terra's idea! It helps that we get him up right before we go to bed around 11 pm to pee. He goes 95% of the time!
I was so excited to dig out the Dr. Seuss bedding I got a few years ago on clearance at Pottery Barn! The Dr. Seuss sheets were a hit with Isaak. The decorative pillow has the cat's face on it. The comforter should last for a long time.
Boys! I think Isaak was asked to stop holding Mica soon after I took this photo. He was strangling him!

  New Bed + Boys = A lot of Excitement!

Isaak's so stinking cute!

We've been busy this week! Going through toys, rearranging furniture and crates. Daddy spent one night painting the house some more. That's a project!

Funny: Mica calls going through toys, "Research!" It's our "research" project!

Sucky: The Good Will doesn't take toys anymore! After all the lead scares they simply throw your donations out in front of you. I'm going to call a mission to come and take them. I'll wait until after Mica's birthday party to call them. Right now my laundry area has lots of toys in it.


Love{&}Bugs said...

Good to know that they don't take toy donations anymore. But kind of annoying too!
That is quite a bed! How does he get up in it?
Wonderful that he's staying dry at night. That's a great idea to put a diaper over undies. We'll have to try that when we're ready. Thanks for the tips!

Lindsay said...

What a cool bed! He looks so excited!

Faythe said...

I love that bed! I would like a king size one for me, with drawers on both sides. we have an old waterbed frame now & am used to the storage (it is my dresser)So does he need a step to get in by himself? aunty was wonderful to let you trade up! ~Faythe


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