Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Aunt Terra!

We went to Aunt Terra's to celebrate her 30th birthday! I'm 5 years older then Terra and Aunt Angela's 2 years older then me. Now you know how old we are. 

I brought Terra a few baby samples ecomom sent me. Then I brought over massage cream and our mutual friend Jodie brought over a massage chair. We gave her special treatment right in her own living room. I had already given her a few gifts a few weeks ago.

I made a homemade carrot cake. Terra LOVES carrot cake. It took 4 EVER just because I hand grated all the carrots. Aunt Angela asked why I didn't just use a food processor? Answer: I didn't think about it. Silly me! I used it to chop up the pecans! Everyone loved the cake! :)  I kept the pecans separated for those that don't like nuts.
The boy's had fun!

Here's Mica with my cousin Stacy's son Alex.

Here's Isaak with Alex.

Here's baby Alex:

Emerson would cooperate with photo's today. Here he is yawing and with Grandma Spiehs and Alex screaming {It's so hard getting photo's of 2 babies! One is almost always blurry!}:

We had fun! Except for the fact that Isaak took one of the samples from ecomom and flung it up in the air scratching my eye! It hurts! I keep tearing out of it! I actually put a wad of tissue on my eye and put the boy's pirate patch over it. Isaak scratched my eye once before, but the first time was worse. Then I should have gotten it treated. This kind of stuff always happens on a weekend. I look like a ridiculous pirate!


Subhrashis Adhikari said...

they look like they are having fun...cute pics :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Aunt Terra! The cake looks and sounds yummy! Funny about you hand grating the carrots but not the pecans. Sounds like something I would have done. Haha.
Loved seeing more pics of all the boys. They are such cuties!

Anonymous said...

MMM carrot cake! Happy birthday to her! Yes a food processor works wonders with that stuff:)


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