Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isaak Started Preschool

Isaak started preschool today! Last night he had a preschool party. It's just meant for the kids to play; while the adults have a meeting. Isaak loved that he had full access to a room that Mica went to school in the year before.

This summer Isaak's changed. In the spring he clung to my leg; would hide behind me. He said, "I not ready for school. I too little!" Now he chats a lot more! He now says, "When do I start school Mommy? I want to go to preschool." He was excited to have his backpack and treat bag.

I volunteered to bring treats. After the meeting last night I made mini loaves of banana bread for Isaak to take to school today. In the recipe I replaced the butter with applesauce. We ate some this morning and it was GOOD! I also chopped up carrot sticks for him to take too. The treat bag is for all week. Isaak will only be going there Mon and Wed, but the treats are for the Fri class as well.

The teacher's said that Isaak was pretty talkative today! I know they aren't supposed to talk in school, but right now I think it's a good thing. He's gotten over being shy.

Cousin Elijah was sick with a low grade fever. He wasn't able to start school with Isaak today. I'm sure he'll be joining Isaak next week.


Unknown said...

Happy school day :)

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What I Did Today said...

Such cute pictures. How fun to watch his sociality emerging!

Working Mommy said...

He looks so proud to be going to school! Such a cutie!


Saru Singhal said...

He is looking handsome. And, it's good that he got over his shyness and is enjoying school:)

Anonymous said...

yee :) both the boys to school now

Anonymous said...

Awww hope he had a great 1st day!

Veronica Lee said...

Aww! What a handsome young man! Glad that he's enjoying school.

Have a nice day, Allisa!

Becky Jane said...

he looks good and ready! It's such a blessing when our kids are ready to spread their wings a bit! He has such beautiful eyes!


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