Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today Was a Grumpy Day

The day started out where Isaak wouldn't stop crying. He wouldn't tell us what was wrong. He had a deep cough, so I assumed that he just didn't feel good. He didn't feel warm. Isaak's one of those kids who milks crying for as long as he can get attention for it. I try to block it out. I feel like sometimes he feeds off negative attention. Daddy on the other hand tries to reason with him. When he gets no where with Isaak, Isaak ends up in timeout to cool off. Then he gets more upset and cries even harder. Luckily this behavior is RARE!

Isaak was starting to break free from whatever was bothering him. I was about ready to make juice with the juicer. Isaak wanted to help. I told him that he could as long as he went potty and washed his hands. He wouldn't, so I started making juice. Isaak always considers dropping the fruit into the juicer, "his job." Since I took over his job, he lost it. He was now in a full blown tantrum. Things let up as we all sat down to eat.

At breakfast Daddy told me that TV is pretty much off limits this weekend. He doesn't want Mica and Isaak watching anything from 911. I understand. It's too deep for them to understand. When he told me that, it was a reminder of that day long ago and close at the same time. We had just moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Omaha, Nebraska just to be near family. We were living in my parent's basement until we could find work. Neither of us could have predicted the economy taking a dive! Daddy really wasn't a Daddy then, but started his job at the dental lab that very day. It was surreal for him. I was still looking for work. My day was glued to the TV. The stories that made me cry the most was anything to do with children not being able to find their mommies and daddies! I've always had a soft spot for kids! The next day I had a mint making party at my friends house. She was getting married that Saturday. I remember crying just because her day was supposed to be a happy day. A day planned out for her and her soon to be husband to enjoy. I felt bad for her. Some of her relatives couldn't make the wedding. Yes it was a happy time, it was also mixed with sadness. Silly that I was crying because I longed for her to be happy. I should have been laughing to make her happy. That is pretty much what I was doing during that time. My students are getting to the point where they barely remember that day. Most of them were around the age of 8 years old. TV was probably turned off, on their behalf. Just like we are leaving it off this weekend for Mica and Isaak to not see.

That grumpy mood carried on all day for Mica, Isaak and I. I broke up fights. Isaak wanted to play in Mica's room. He's not allowed to play in there while Mica is playing with little Lego sets.

I cleaned all our bedding and drapes. A lot of trips to the basement! One boy would always follow me downstairs. They wanted to take old toys upstairs to play with. Mica told me that he was really mad at me for trying to get rid of some blocks that he never played with.

Then I was annoyed about our mail. I've noticed a pattern, on Husker football playing day our mail is delivered super late. It annoys me! Just saying. I'd rather be watching fooseball then football. Daddy is out all evening at a friends house watching the game. 

That's how our day went. BLAH! We're all allowed to have a crappy day every now and then.

It wasn't all bad. Here are the highlights: Mica dressed up like Indiana Jones. I'll have photo's  shown on Wednesday. ;) He told me I couldn't call him, "Mica." I had to call him, "Indiana Jones." Isaak said this about a photo of Ronald McDonald, "Hey that's Burger King!" Can you tell that we don't go out to eat all the time? Mica used a really BIG word "Executively" at breakfast. He even used it right. Daddy and I were both laughing at that one! :) The way Mica starts talking to Grandma Spiehs on the phone is funny. He doesn't say, "Hi." He just starts talking. It's as if she's right there in the room. I suppose I should talk to him about phone etiquette; but then I wouldn't be laughing anymore.

Yesterday I laughed because a student turned in her idea on her next assignment. It had Elvis on each and every sketch. You might be thinking, "Elvis isn't funny!" You are right. He's not. He is when you have a story to go with one of his songs! In Kung Fu Panda, the Panda gets hit in his private parts. He says, "OH MY TENDERS!" Whenever Mica gets hurt, or hit in that general area he says, "OH MY TENDERS!" This is much better then a little boy saying something else. Elvis' song Love Me Tender came on a year or so ago and Mica said, "LOVE MY TENDERS?!? WHY WOULD I WANT TO LOVE MY TENDERS?!?!" Anyhow I thought about that story when looking at the girls artwork and could not stop laughing! I'll never think of the song the same way again! It will forever be funny to me. I of course had to tell my student the story, or she would of thought I was laughing at her sketches.


Veronica Lee said...

LOL at the tenders story!! Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.


Anonymous said...

that was quite a day indeed. kids can have mood swings like women :)

Love me tender ;) :D i want to watch kung fu panda now :)

i feel bad for the lady who got married around that time. such things spoil a remarkable date for the whole life time. one of my friend has her birthday today and she says she doesn't care if something so bad happened, she will enjoy her day no matter what! but, then she lives in usa and today, for rest of her life at least this day will bring a sadness....

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

we all have grumpy days....
but the day changed a lot of things around the world....
'love me tender'...that was funny

Ms. Latina said...

I have to admit this weekend was a grumpy one for Mommy, not the boys. I'm sure it had to do with the memories, plus it didn't help that it seemed to be the only thing on TV, Twitter and everywhere else. I didn't write about it in years past, but decided I would write about it on my blog this year; however, I don't think I'll do it again. It brings back to many memories and I want to move my life forward, not backward. I will ALWAYS remember but I refuse to let it determine my life. I won't live in fear or sadness. Whew! I know that was a mouthful LOL

Sooooo onto you :) I think its great that you instilled a free from TV weekend. I think young children don't know how to process it without fear, at least thats what I've seen in NY!

I loved the Elvis story, btw.

Working Mommy said...

I greatly dislike grumpy carries over to the kids and that just make it worse for me - to have to deal with them being grumpy. This, too, shall pass.



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