Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Little Engine That Could - Game

Our boy's love trains! We have a lot of Team GeoTrax and tons of Thomas the Tank Engine.

We haven't started collecting Chuggington or Lego train stuff because we have so much of the other sets. I very much dislike that the Chuggington sets do not fit into the Thomas sets! I understand about Team GeoTrax; it's really a whole different type of set. It's all about remote controls.

I'd be willing to collect the Lego one if it were not so expensive! Mica likes Legos! A few years ago I bought the wooden train from the Little Engine That Could. I love that it fits on the Thomas track. It won't go under the tunnels {just an FYI}. We also have the Lionel Polar Express wood Train Set {thanks to Grandma Spiehs}. All the Lionel and Brio products fit up with Thomas! :)

I love the story of The Little Engine That Could. We have a book and movie. I like the book the best. The boy's like both the movie and the book. The meaning is just perfect! It teaches others to pitch in and help out. It also sends the message of trying to do things you don't think you can do. With Mica learning to tie his shoes and Isaak learning to get dressed this is a meaning I want to instill in my kids. Mom's pretty sick of Isaak going potty and refusing to pull up his pants! He'll bounce around for an hour {if we let him} with his pants and underwear around his ankles! It doesn't bother him a bit! He sometimes says, "I can't pull my pants up!" Then other times when I try to pull his pants up, he says, "No! I do it!" He'll pull them back down just to pull them back up again! in his defiance he has to unbutton and unzip sometimes to get his pants up and down. Mica never has had to. Isaak has a butt and hips and Mica doesn't.

A Giveaway Mommy is giving this sweet game, or another game away! She said about the game, "The train zips down the mountain - but also teaches turn-taking skills, counting and understanding what a 'space' is on a game board."

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What I Did Today said...

Ash loves trains too. I bought her a really big, nice set at the thrift store. But I haven't given it to her yet. I guess I'm waiting for the right moment. Or for a larger spot on the floor to be clean. Or maybe we'll just get it out for Christmas.


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