Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to the Start

Both these video's are pretty cool. The first is a commercial and sang by Willie Nelson. The message is amazing. The second one is sang by Coldplay. It's the original. They will make you sad though. I love how one song can be interpreted differently. Both mean so much!

The original video is just as impacting. It's an accident backwards. Do you ever wish you could go backwards with something? Something so traumatic happens that you wish you could go back in time?


Eat To Live said...

I have always loved Willie Nelson, even when I hear bad things about him. He is just a good ole boy and his songs always have a meaning that seem to touch our hearts. Not to get off subject... but did you know that when he was younger, His first wife left him because of his drinking, but only after tying him up in a sheet and beating him with a broom. That had to be one crazy night. LOL... can you imagine.

I have never heard of coldplay, but that video gave me the chills. Great Post!!

Sue D said...

Wow--very interesting videos! I definitely like the message in the first one as we try to grow our own food or eat local foods.


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