Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Closer

I went to this lovely blog yesterday! I think I'll visit it more now that I know it exists.

She posted a video that moved me. You have to watch it until the end. You do not need the volume turned up to get the message behind the video.

I wish people were more accepting. Even when we know someone who doesn't have a lot of problems; we judge. We put people in categories. We judge people who have certain faiths, no faith at all, people who are gay, people who are mentally challenged, people who have a certain color of skin and so on. I was always the weird art girl. I was friends with geeky smart people. We're all different; we have some similarities to. Through our differences, I wish we could reach some understanding. Everyone needs a friend and everyone needs someone to listen to them. We all have problems. It's just that some people's problems are more obvious then others.

The next time you see someone different, someone challenged, try to be accepting. Chances are, they have had people laugh at them, people talk behind their backs and people wish that their differences were normal {whatever normal is}.

I'm no where near to being perfect. I too have judged people from time to time. I think this is something we all need to work on. 


What I Did Today said...

This brought tears to my eyes AND gave me goosebumps. So sweet. Such a good post. Made me think of some of my Ethiopian siblings. Some of them have learning and social disabilites and some are HIV positive (which my parents are very open about in an attempt to get rid of the stigma surrounding that disease). Sometimes people don't treat my siblings like they should because of these things, which is sad and hurtful. Thanks for posting this.

Subhrashis Adhikari said... true....i don't understand what's peoples problem with people who are different? i don't even understand what normal is...

Marco Anders said...
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Annie said...

OMG so true! Thank you for posting this. You have no idea the private battles everyone fights. I tend to be drawn to the misfits and shy away from the "perfect people." But those "perfect" people are not perfect and are hurting too! Thank you for the reminder.

Eat To Live said...

What a nice video. That gave me the chills watching it.


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