Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Year Old Tears

Isaak's been difficult lately!

The other night we went out to dinner. Daddy took the boys to the restroom to go potty, they washed their hands and Daddy tore off the paper towel for Isaak to dry off his hands. Isaak had a melt down. He was honestly really upset that Daddy tore off the paper towel off the dispenser and he did not! Usually I take Isaak potty and Mica goes with Daddy. I knew Isaak was like this about paper towels. How was Daddy supposed to know Isaak was going to be so dramatic over something so non important to us?

The boys came back to the table. Everyone seemed happy enough. Then Isaak started crying again because the waiter brought the boy's drinks. The waiter happened to take the paper off the straws before serving them. I knew right away why Isaak was crying. So crazy, but I knew! Isaak loves tearing the paper off his straw at restaurants. How do I know this? Because I once tried to help him with his straw and he freaked out at me. After he got done crying; I told the waiter why Isaak freaked out because really it's kind of funny! He laughed.

When we got home Isaak went number 2. He got mad because I didn't tell his potty "Bye Bye" when he flushed it! He was practically throwing himself on the ground over it.

Isaak's particular about things. Lately it's been really bad. It could be a stage, from the weather switching, because it's getting dark earlier, because he's finishing up a cold, or all the above.

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