Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Tale of the Grumpy Household

There's been a few later nights this week. Our boys do better when they get adequate sleep. I think most children do. Since the boys have started school, bedtime has been 7:30. Early I know. Bedtime used to be 8 or 8:30. With more stimulation with school, they need more sleep.

Time will be switching soon enough. It's great that our boys have been going to bed earlier for that reason to. Day Light Savings Time + Kids = An Adjustment. Fall is among us. The weather today is gray. BLAH! I think I might start taking Vitamin D because I find myself feeling BLAH all winter. It's either that, or get some special lights that put off natural sun light.

Mica's been off of school Thursday and Friday. Mica's argued with me that it's Sunday 10 times today. He's stuck on Sunday being a day that he calls, "Sheriff Sunday." He wants to wear his Sheriff dress-up clothes and tells everyone that crosses our path about "Sheriff Sunday." It's totally made up. I love that he's creative. I don't really care that he does this. It's just that today is not Sunday. We had errands to do today. Everyone that he would have ran into, he would have explained "Sheriff Sunday" to.

Instead it's "Covered in Blood Saturday." That's my made up day, for today anyhow. Mica keeps getting bloody noses. This happened last year to. I put Carmex on a Q-tip and smeared it in his nose. I need to mix up a saline spray for his kid's version of the netti pot. He'll hate getting his nose sprayed. I also have a frog humidifier that I'm tempted to get out for Mica's room.

Another bloody event: Isaak got his flu shot this morning. It wasn't that bloody. Just enough to require a Snoopy Band-Aid, tears and limping for the rest of the morning. Isaak over exaggerates pain! He milks his tears to get attention. Is it bad that I laugh when he gets a shot? Not really out loud. I just envision our 3 year old crying for a half hour and limping for 1/2 the day; over a shot that takes a second.

Along with the change of weather, so is our food. I have a bean soup in the crock pot, spaghetti squash pie tomorrow and split pea soup in a few days.


Eat To Live said...

I hardly felt my flu shot this year, but there have been times when someone who has no idea how to give shots is giving them and it hurts!! He has such a little leg that maybe it does hurt.... and then again, maybe he does want attention. LOL... what ever the reason, it is good to have a flu shot.

On time I had blood taken and the lady tried 3 times.... on her fourth try, I told her she either gets it right or finds someone else that knows how to do it.

Anonymous said...

:P It is sunday when the kids say so :)

it was a warm day today with some sunshine but i am looking forward to a nice cold english weather :|


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