Monday, October 17, 2011

Tonight We Had School Conferences For Isaak

Preschool conferences are fun to go to! That's part of the reason why we picked their preschool to begin with.
Not taken tonight, but it's a picture of Isaak I've never posted.
Isaak has a lot of things marked off on his sheet already! It's so different from when Mica went there. Mica started when he just turned 3. He wasn't ready socially, but knew all his numbers and letters at 2 1/2. We wanted him around other kids besides Cousin Evan. Mica had a lot to work on because he still liked to independent play his whole first year of preschool.

The teachers like that Isaak follows directions, he stays on task, he doesn't say, "Is time up yet?!" and he pretty much gets things after he's shown. He can both independent play and play with others. His fine motor skills and vocabulary are really pretty good. They mentioned that Isaak can pretty much do things after shown once.

He likes to play in the sand, with blocks and puzzles. His brother beat him with puzzles, but Isaak's still pretty good with them.

The things he has to work on are: Not laying down while in circle time. Isaak can be lazy with things like that!  He still scribbles, but that's what 3 year old's do.


Cash Register:

Cousin Elijah was playing with a cash register. Isaak wanted a turn. Elijah refused to give it up for Isaak to have a turn. Mrs K went to get Isaak another cash register. This one was bigger and better then the one Elijah had. Elijah looked over at Isaak and said, "You want a turn now?"


Isaak was playing in the sandbox and some girl came over and took Isaak's tools. Isaak just looked out to the teachers and simply said, "Hey that girl just stole my tools." very matter of fact like. I'm so glad that he did this because Isaak's known at home to clock his brother when he steels toys from him. He has an inner punk side to him. Since he's always been the youngest of 4 boys {before cousin Emerson was born Daddy watched our 2 nephews and Aunt Terra watched our 2 boys, 2 days a week each} Isaak's had to stand up for himself. The other boy's bullied him and treated him like a baby. Then one day Isaak didn't want to put up with their crap. He stands up for himself around here.


Mrs K thought it was funny when she showed Isaak the number 5; he turned it upside down and couldn't stop laughing at how it looked. Daddy told them it was probably because we play UNO at our house sometimes. We laugh a lot when playing games. Maybe that's why Isaak was laughing? We don't really know.


What I Did Today said...

Hahahaha! What funny stories! The cash register one especially made me laugh. It's good that Isaak has learned to stand up for himself and is also learning to react in more ways than hitting.

Veronica Lee said...

LOL!! Thanks for the chuckle!! Way to go, Issak!!

Happy Tuesday!

Eat To Live said...

LOL... Issak is a pretty cool dude. Sounds like he will be very well liked in school.

I know it isn't nice and you can't let a boy hit a girl.... but he should of clocked her. That'll teach her taking Issaks tools.


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