Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mica's Kindergarten Conferences

Mica's teacher seemed really positive about with where he's at in school.

Recent picture of Mica that I've never posted. Not taken tonight.

Mica listens, follows tasks, works well with others and by himself.

New things Mica's learned: He's learned about patterns, he can now tell the difference between nonfiction and fiction, he can write simple sentences, he can read simple words and he can count by 5's to 100. She said Mica's one of the best readers in the class. She's going to start pushing Mica with reading after the fall break.

Things Mica has to work on: He has a shy grumble when he talks in front of people. The teacher just tells Mica that she can't hear him. He has to say whatever it is over again. She reminds Mica that their classroom is just like a family in school. The lady that works with Mica on speech came in to tell us to keep trying to get Mica to say: "T T T T" sound. He has trouble remembering to press in tongue towards the front of his mouth when making that sound.


"Ba Ba Ba"

Mica has been saying, "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" and holding his neck. I had gotten after him for making sound effects. Tonight I learned he did get this from his speech teacher. Mica's fascinated with his throat vibrating when he says that sound. 

Heart of Love 

Mica's cut out heart that was to go to his crush Kammy was kept by his teacher. His teacher says that Mica does in fact have a crush. She just doesn't want Kammy's parents to start complaining that love letters and drawings are going home to Kammy. The boys tend to fight over her. We have been playing this down even though it's sweet and funny. 

Clearing His Throat

Apparently there is a kid in Mica's table group that talks when she's not supposed to. The teacher noticed that Mica clears his throat whenever this kid is talking and shouldn't be. 

The Mesopotamians

Mica went to school and sang The Mesopotamians. At first he sang it silly, so the teacher told him that he had to sing normal. Then he did good!


Eat To Live said...

Mica is doing excellent!!

That is so funny that he has a crush on a little girl. What is even funnier is clearing his throat when someone is talking when they are not suppose to. That is so adult.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he is doing really well! We have conferences soon, I'm looking forward to them.

Leanne said...

I'm glad you got so many positive reports back!

What I Did Today said...

Parent-teacher conferences are so much fun! Mica has got so much personality. Love to read these cute stories about him!

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

that's gr8!
your blog is going to help me as my kid grow :)


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