Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kindergarten Love

You may want to read this post first before reading this.

Mica's still in love with a girl in kindergarten. The same girl since school has started. We've tried playing this down. I told him that he couldn't date girls until he is 16 years old. I followed up with saying, "If you are lucky, maybe we'll let you date when you are 15 year old."

Well Kammy's been out of school a little while. She got hurt from falling off a bunk bed. Mica wanted to cut her out a paper heart to give to her at school. I kind of put this heart cutting off on purpose. Then Mica did this heart cutting while at school. Mica handed the heart to his teacher to give to Kammy. His teacher said, "Is this a get well heart?" Mica said, "No it's a love heart."

Not Mica's heart. Source found here.
Then he was upset because this boy at school said, "Whoever touches Kammy first, gets to marry her." He ran over and touched her before Mica could. Kammy must be liked by more then one boy. Mica said, "I really wanted to touch her arm because I want to marry her." I told Mica, "Honey Kammy probably doesn't like anyone touching her arm. She probably won't marry either one of you. You should just talk with her and be a good friend. Remember you can't date anyone until you are 16 years old. That's a long time from now!" He's like, "Ok Mommy, but I still like her."

Uggg!!! He's way too young for this!


Lisa Noel said...

wow! my oldest refered to a girl as his girlfriend last year (second grade) and I almost fell off my chair. He recanted saying he meant his friend, who's a girl! lol Still not sure what to believe. When I"m around they barely make eye contact but I KNOW they hang out a lot in class

Saru Singhal said...

LOL...It's a love heart, thats so sweet...I'm in love with Mica now...:)


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