Sunday, December 6, 2015

Best Foot Relief Glycerine Filled Liquid Insoles Review

My husband has been complaining about his feet. He said, "I need insoles." I got Best Foot Relief Glycerine Filled Liquid Insoles to review. They sell for $75, but are on sale for $39. 

They came in perfect condition. I had no problems with the company what so ever.

I have medical built insoles. I have very little left ankle + no arch. My insoles are built up a lot! I happen to know that just like braces, and mouth guards are hard to get used to, so are insoles. It's like putting hard shoes on a baby for the first time. They have problems walking in them. 

These insoles are not hard. They are the opposite. It's like a water bed for your feet. They are super comfortable! Just different to walk on. The glycerine moves around, while you walk. It's perfect for people that stand at a job all day. Travis however is still getting used to them. 

There are a Ton of Perks to These Insoles:
  • They are comfortable
  • Compared to other insoles they are inexpensive
  • They are not bulky like my insoles

  • They support your arch
  • They massage your feet, which increases blood circulation 
  • They relieve foot stresses and fatigue by keeping you more relaxed  with their cushioned base
  • They absorb shock during sports activities 
  •  They keep your feet warm in the winter time 
  • They have antimicrobial properties discouraging growth of odor, which causes bacteria 
  • They eliminate plantar fascitis and inflammation pain 
  • They are unisex
  • They can be worn with any type of shoe

Travis had no problem getting them to fit in his shoes. I did notice that he needs not only insoles, but new shoes. His shoes are worn out!

He's walked around in them for a few days. They still feel new and different. He's never had insoles at all. There's a lot of perks to the insoles, so we'll have to wait and see how he feels about them weeks from now. 

Do you have insoles?

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Masshole Mommy said...

Chris has flat feet, so he ALWAYS gets insoles to put in his shoes. He says they really do help!

~ Noelle said...

Yeah, I want these too!
I have fallen arches, so I bet it would feel nice.
Marc could totally use them for his boots since he is on his feet all the time.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason has feet problems and is always looking for new insoles to try. I bet he would love these!

dd said...

That's quite a savings on those. I'd be tempted to try them. I had custom made orthotics for my running shoes and boy were those expensive. I do foot exercises every day for my arches and they really do help. Bonus that it tones my calves too! Your feet are so important so vital to take good care of them. ~Deb

Eat To Live said...

I would love to try a pair of these. My feet are horrible anymore. I had a pair of gel filled ones that worked pretty well.


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