Friday, March 17, 2017

Random Tid Bits

Once a doctor asked if my Dad if he was malnourished at some point in his life. He quickly said, "No...I ate a lot as a kid."

Then he started thinking. His Mom - my Grandma was told to never have kids after my Uncle was born. She had some kind of kidney infection. She had my Dad, and got really sick and went blind.

My Grandpa had a mail job where he was gone delivering mail on trains. I guess a neighbor of theirs stepped in because my Dad and Uncle weren't getting proper care from my Grandma. My Grandma died so early on in my Dad's life that he doesn't remember her.

How could this doctor know my Dad was malnourished? Under his knees is really hallow.

When my Grandma, who my Dad never really got to know died my Grandpa had to pay his respects privately. The same neighbor that cared for my Dad and Uncle called the police to come to the funeral home. She was afraid a fight would break out between my Grandpa and my Grandma's family. The fear was justified because I had a Great Uncle on my Grandma's side that was in the Navy Seal. That same Uncle walked right through Hitler's camp in WWII; he saw Hitler's dog.

My Grandpa was a Christian Scientist. He didn't believe in doctors having any kind of power. Healing came only through prayer.
My First Oil Wash of My Grandma Margret - Not the best photo. The real image looks better.

My Dad was a sinner according to my Grandpa. My Dad had allergies like me. My Mom was a nurse. That didn't sit well with Grandpa. Later my parent's had their first child, a Trisomy 18 baby like Emerson. My oldest sister Lisa only lived for a few months. My Dad didn't pray enough according to Grandpa.

My Grandpa got married 3 times:
  1. First to the girl known as my Grandma (Margret), who my Dad never really knew. 

  2. Then to the a lady (Lottie) that claimed to never be good with kids, but had to raise my Dad and Uncle. Lottie, which my Dad called, "Mom" died from a stroke shortly after my Mom and Dad got married. 

  3. Lastly my Grandpa married the only Grandma I knew (Magdalena also known as Nita) through mail. She was from the Philippines. Could you imagine a Catholic married to a Christian Scientist? Most Christians think of Christian Scientists as being in a cult.

My Dad used to tell my older sister and I to hide when my Grandpa would start preaching. Grandpa would tell us that God is in the plant in front of us, and that we should worship the plant. Maybe he was right. He lived to be in his 90s. Towards the end of his life he did go to see doctors.


Mandy said...

Interesting and complicated family history. Love that a man complaining about sinners would marry a mail-order bride from the Philippines. lol. And that your dad told you to worship plants. :)

An Apel a Day said...

The "He" I was referring to was my Grandpa. I fixed it. My Grandpa wanted my sister and I to worship the plant. My Dad has never been one to go to church - Unless my Mom makes him.

Ai Sakura said...

Thanks for sharing your family history. Faith can be so empowering or debilitating..

Theresa Mahoney said...

We have a lot of religious nuts in our family and I try to steer clear of them when possible. My grandma used to get so mad at her kids and grandkids because she firmly believed that part of the bible that says something about paying for this sins of the child. She really thought every time we messed up we were sending her straight to hell lol.

~ Noelle said...

I think everyone has quirky family members. Some try to hide it, others embrace it and some just deal with it. I don't think anyone has a perfect family, no matter how much they might think they do!


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