Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Folders - Round 2

This story just cracks me up, or annoys me! We'll go with cracks me up.

A long time ago, which was 2 years ago a co-worker who I will call Mrs. Clean Freak had me walk across the school to tell her who's stack of folders were sitting in the classroom.

They were mine. I use them in class I'm in that room. I collect the students sketches and papers. Then they get their folder to take home, or do whatever they wish with it at the end of the year. Many love looking through it. Mrs. Clean Freak wanted them gone. Poof! Out of there! I put them in my office. 

Then when she wasn't looking, I tip toed my ass back into the classroom to hide the big stack of folders better. 

They went from here: 

Which is in the back of the room, to here:

Oh you can't see them can you! Now can you see them?

They stayed hidden there for 2 years. I changed the folders, because we had new students come in. In the same spot they stayed.

An Open House is coming up, so Mrs. Clean Freak is cleaning. Apparently very well too well.

Mrs. Clean Freak came hauling the folders back into my office. They are probably all out of my alphabetical order. I actually alphabetize them by first name because that's what I call them. My mind works better that way.

Mrs. Clean Freak: Are these yours? They look like they've been there for awhile. 

Me: I use them every time I'm in there. I thought they were hidden pretty well. 

Mrs. Clean Freak: Can you put them in your office? At least until the Open House is over? 

Me: Sure. 

Me Thinking, but Not Saying: Sure Mrs. Clean Freak. You must not of cleaned hard enough last year because you didn't see the folders then. People walking through for the Open House surely can't see office folders. Things like folders, tape dispensers, pencils, pens, paperclips, recycle bins don't belong in a classroom. God forbid people think we work here. - By the way that is all stuff I have to hide before an Open House. How silly! Recycle bins have to be hidden, but trash cans can be sitting out. 

Mrs. Clean Freak complains about her brother being a clean freak. He's the owner. I think they both are clean freaks. They both come from the same gene pool. 

My Mom told me a bit of advice once...Let the little stuff go. Ever since then the little stuff doesn't bother me. People that get annoyed about the little things I find humorous. There's a part of me that likes to push buttons to get them going. 

As for what they'd call me... 

I'm an organized slob. Ha! I'm not really bashing the clean freaks, ok maybe I am. In their minds they are calling me Mrs. Slob, so we're even.



She came in to ask me if I'd go hide the pencils, pens, tissue boxes in the classroom. Maybe I'll sneak my folders in the room. I could hide them on a student's desk. Ha!


Mandy said...

lol. Love how you moved the folders and they weren't noticed for two years. Maybe if they had been black or even the color of the table they would have continued to go unnoticed? *sigh*

Agness of eTraping said...

I love reading about your experiences. Great read!

~ Noelle said...

I wonder why she has you hide everything that is essential to SCHOOL


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