Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mica's Fifth Grade Conferences

I forgot to do a recap of conferences. I started this blog as a way to jot things down for the kids. If you're not interested...move on to a different post.

My kids do really well in school, so this will be more of a positive post.

We let the kids play on their Kindles in the hallway, while we venture in to talk to each of their teachers.

Mica's conference was first. 

Mica has all O's and S's, which stands for, "Outstanding" and "Satisfactory". His teacher gives all the kids S's for things like problem solving. Not very many kids in 5th grade are very good problem solvers. At home Mica still asks for his clothes to be handed to him in the morning, yet he and Isaak can make us coffee. I basically grab his clothes, and throw them in his face. Then he gets told, "Don't forget your deodorant!" He's book smart, but can be a male ditz. 

This is the first teacher that was super tuned in to Mica's flaws. We all have them. Because Mica does well in school, and has gotten medals for different things, he's great in most of teacher's minds. 

His teacher last year and I had a conversation about how he needed to try extra things. Well this year he has. He's done well with that. 

This years teacher said, "Mica doesn't do all the work. Ok he does the work, but only answers things part of the way. He needs to work on backing himself up. He rushes to get things done." 

I asked, "Does he have a book in his desk that he can't wait to get back to?" 

She said, "Exactly." 

If it were me I'd take the book away. I'm not her.

Every teacher has told us, "It's wonderful that Mica loves to read!" 

When we say, "He reads too much, and doesn't get other things done." they look at us like we're crazy parents. 

This one gets it.

Mica even reads junk mail sitting on our table. 

He also takes things to literally. I'm not saying he doesn't have a personality. He doesn't answer things with detail because he feels like in his mind he answered it. Yes is an answer to him. When it should be, Yes because... I have college students that do this too. It's not unheard of.

Mica's also all about fairness. Something like a kid throwing down their safety patrol vest on the floor, and not picking it up really stresses him out. Especially when he asks them to pick it up and they refuse to. With middle school there's going to be many more punks like that. 

These are things we need to work on with him. 


~ Noelle said...

I love that he's so caring and such a rule follower. Broxton rushes as well... I think it's just to say he's done, but he is always trying to do the fastest.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison is a rusher. She'll brag that she was the first one to get an assignment or a test done and I always have to remind her it's more important to take the time to accurately do things than it is to be the first to the finish line.

Mandy said...

lol. Love that you have to hand him his clothes yet he can make coffee? Sounds like a fun contradiction!

I used to hate it when teachers would ask me to elaborate on my answers. I mean I always did without being asked but sometimes it's frustrating to have to explain why I answered the way I did. It reminds me of those pictures that have been passed around the internet where the math problem is "find x", and the kid circles it and writes on the paper "here it is!". :) Explanations are just no fun.

Anyway, good for Mica for trying new, extra things this year. And even though he reads too much, yay for a mom that brought him up in such a way that he is excited to read! :) I'm sure, with some persistence, Mica can learn to slow down and complete all of his work including explanations. In fact, that may just happen naturally as he gets older and becomes more mature…

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

you must a supr happy and proud mom, Alissa...bravo, Mica and Isaak :)


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