Tuesday, March 14, 2017

White Chili #Recipe

I love Chili! It's just one of those comfort foods to me. Usually I make the usual: Red Tomato Chili. This weekend I decided to make a White Chili that I haven't made in awhile.

It's super easy to make, and it's so good!


Scroll down for instructions.

Travis and I love spice! 

If you're not a big fan of spicy things, then you may want to use less Cayenne Pepper. I think the Green Chilies add to the spicy flavor.

The boys aren't spice lovers. They used to even say that regular toothpaste, and soda were all spicy! They used natural toothpaste for years, and rarely had soda. Soda was only consumed when we went out to eat, which wasn't often. Maybe it was the fizz in the soda, and strong mint taste in the toothpaste that they had trouble getting used to. They like those things now.

I've been making the boys try spicy dishes since they were itty bitty. They still haven't acquired that love for spice that I've been waiting for. It will probably happen when they are out of the Apel house, and into their own Apel houses.

I think this recipe is the bomb! It's fairly healthy too!

What foods do you like on a cold, dreary day?


~ Noelle said...

That sounds amazing. I wish I had thought to make something like this. We are having pasta tonight. Its easy and I have no desire to do anything else.

BrightenedBoy said...

You know, I never liked spicy food when I was younger, but in the last couple of years I've found I'm absolutely mad for it. And this looks very good, especially in light of the super cold environment in which I'm now living. I need to get myself a chili cookbook!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love white bean chili! I put a little bacon or sausage in too sometimes to mix it up for the family, though we do use chicken most often.

Mandy said...

That looks so good! I'm not usually a fan of spice, but as I've gotten older, I've become more used to it. Ths sounds like the perfect recipe for a cold or rainy night.


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