Sunday, April 19, 2015

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts Book Review

I was so excited to get Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts By Amy Kopperude to review.

You can get this book on Amazon for $16.16. It is on Prime, so if you have Prime there's no shipping cost.

We've been looking into crafts for Isaak. The hard thing is that a lot of craft sets out there are for girls. This book has crafts for both boys and girls. It's really perfect for him! 

It starts with the absolute basics about bead crafting, beginning with bead types, then gradually introduces skills and techniques until kids are creating fantastic projects like bubble wands, bug sculptures, and belts! I can't wait to make a belt and boy bracelet with him. 

Grandma Apel has made some of these fancy paper beads!

I thought these edible beaded necklaces would be great for birthday parties instead of goodie bags.

The author Amy Kopperude, author of Bead Bugs, guided us through a project we chose. Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts Book has: 
  • Over 300 photos 
  • Clear, easily understood instructions for grade-school kids
  • A variety of crafts for boys and girls from easy to hard levels
From zipper pulls and keychains to wind chimes and backpack clips, each project lists the skills that are needed, and projects are rated by difficulty, so kids can learn and grow as they develop dexterity and coordination.

Isaak and I decided to start with one of the more simple crafts in the book: Making a bead mustache. They show you how to make it, and you can veer off the instructions if you want to.

We both really liked how it turned out. There's a Macrame Skater Cuff in the book that has hex nuts in it. I know when Isaak gets to be a little higher up skill and age wise we'll be trying that one out. 
Has there ever been a craft bead project that you've done, and enjoyed?

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Ai Sakura said...

I bought a big tub of Hama beads that I've been wanting to get started on, but haven't! That moustache is really cute haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

Oh, that mustache is great! I try to avoid Pearler beads because I am positive they were invented by the devil. No matter how much work the girls put into making something, when I go to iron them, I knock the damn things off the pegs and spend too much time trying to put them back on lol.

Masshole Mommy said...

How cute is he with his mustache! What a fun book.

Unknown said...

Love the mustache! Looks like a fun time will be had!

Kim said...

Looks like a great book for a variety of ages. My little ones would love making the candy necklace.

Eat To Live said...

Isaac is such a little sweetheart that he'll be making his little girlfriends a bracelet or something.

Erin said...

I would have loved this as a kid!

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