Monday, April 20, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

Last week my nephew Emerson has tons of tests done. It turns out the little man has a Tethered Spinal Cord. He need surgery on that. There's a few other things that he has, that they have to watch out for.

I spent a few hours on the phone helping my Dad with Photoshop. Had I not ran errands all day, I would have stopped what I was doing, and just drove there to help him. He claims he knows the program so well, and doesn't use its main feature - layers. Shaking my head! At least he tries. His images look wonderful, but he was saving everything as jpgs, instead of psd Photoshop files. That can reduce quality after saving images over time. While I was trying to help him, he kept saying, "Maybe I just shouldn't do this. It's too much work..." Being all down on himself. Anyhow my brain hurt after that conversation. A short while later he wanted to know how to attach an image over email. He has a different email then me, he has a PC and I have a MAC, so all this stuff is hard to explain.

I tried multi-tasking when I was on the phone with my Dad, and dropped a jar of jam on the floor. Busted glass + jam = a big mess! Travis my wonder husband is great at cleaning up after my clumsiness!

A short while later I got a text from my Mom that my Grandpa is in the hospital with a UTI. He's ready to go home today, but his memory isn't its self. I don't know if the infection is what's messing with him, the fact that he's in a different place, or he is really loosing it. He's old - upper 80s and has a weak heart. Up until this point he's been sharp as a tack. My Mom and Aunts want him to stay in the hospital 1 more day, but I don't know if insurance will let him do that.

Isaak was off all weekend. He felt warm, but didn't have a fever. He wouldn't eat much. Rain set in all weekend, and people were going sinus crazy. I can't tell if he has a cold, or allergies. Yesterday he wouldn't drink his water. I said, "Come on just drink your water, so I can put your glass in to run the dishwasher! Do something Isaak!" He said, "Mom I am doing something! I'm thinking. That's doing something. That's doing a lot actually." This morning I sent him to school. Maybe I'm a bad mom for that. If he has just allergies then why stay home? I told him if he feels worse to have the nurse call me.
My nephew Edison has a fever of 103! He has a doctor's appointment later today. I would say that Isaak has what Edison has, but we haven't been around my sister's family since Easter.

The weather outside - rain - gloom is about how I felt.

On the up side, so this whole post doesn't seem gloomy my husband sold a sculpture. It's only a $500 one, but a sale is a sale. I'm the one that told him to spend the extra time putting that nice base on it.



Eat To Live said...

Yay! Good job Travis. I bet he is excited he sold his sculpture .

I am so tired of this rain too.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the sale! Haha yeah my Mum is hopeless when it comes to the computer.
'Okay, now close the window.'
'Oh, how do I do that?'
'Click the little X'
'The little X...'
'The one in the corner.'
'That one!'

Theresa Mahoney said...

Man, sounds like everyone is down this week! Hope things perk up soon!

And yay on the sculpture sale!

~ Noelle said...

Saw on FB the news of the sculpture. SO happy for yall. Something is better than nothing, right? :)
I hope the sickies don't go through your house, Broxton has been having a cough lately, but nothing else. Pharmacist says allergies, but he has never had issues before. I hope it goes away soon.

mail4rosey said...

Sorry to hear the downers. :(

As for the sculpture, I like that base too! And $500 is awesome, Alissa!! :)

Anonymous said...

Rain makes things even more depressing, and we have had a ton, but a $500 sale sure is a bright spot! I think that's awesome!


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