Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mom Fail!

I'll tell you a little story about my Mom fail of the week. 

Isaak had a little problem with a slight bully issue last week. I blogged about it already, but just a quick recap a group of boys were doing something in the bathroom they were not supposed to be doing. Isaak told the teacher. At recess the same group of boys chased after him saying, "Its payback time!" He told an aid, but she was unaware of what had happened previously. She told Isaak to just ignore this group of kids that were after him.

I emailed his teacher because I thought she should know the other side to the story in case the silly situation, that got more serious got worse. This was only my 2nd email to her all year. It took her a few days to check her email. I was thinking she A) Never got the email. or B) Didn't care. 

She both emailed and called me on Friday to say that it would be resolved on Monday. 

Isaak came home Monday and said, "Mom three kids were brought into an office to apologize to me. Damarious didn't do anything wrong. It was Damarion." 

I got the wrong kid in trouble. 

Knowing my son he probably didn't say anything to the person in charge. Like, "He wasn't the one that was after me it was Damarion." 

Instead he told me. He said, "Mom you got Damarious in trouble. He didn't do anything to me."

I felt crappy. The situation was long since passed. I wanted to forget about it. I couldn't. At 4 AM I popped out of sleep, was wide awake, and decided to write his teacher a note. I know now that his teacher doesn't check her email every day. I hand wrote how I messed up, and told her the wrong kid's name.

In my own defense the teacher should have known the kids in on this. She knew the first part to this story. Travis was the one that gave me the names. Technically I'm not the only one that messed up. I should have asked Isaak the names one more time before hitting send on that email. 

I do take the blame. 

Who has a Damarious and a Damarion in the same freaking class? My son does.

I guess when I was little there was an Alicia, a Melissa, and me Alissa all in one class.

Damn that's confusing!

I saw his teacher at the Art and Music Festival and apologized once again. It didn't seem to bother her as much as it bothered me. 

My waking up at 4 AM in the morning really made me feel like a zombie that day.

I couldn't get it off my mind because I thought about this innocent kid getting in trouble not just in school, but possibly by his parents. Some parents are really hard on their kids, while others are not. 

The scene from The Christmas Story came to my mind where Ralphie rats on a friend that supposedly told him the f$@# word when really it was his own Dad. His friend beat by his Mom. My heart melted for him.
What's something you've messed up on?


♥renae said...

Oh dear, Alissa!

{btw, did you know I was back? not at Simple Sequins tho, but at
renae's repertoire?}

I'm always calling kids the wrong names. I haven't messed-up similar to you, but in our Cub Den I had a Tyson. For the life of me, I thot his name was Austin. I would ALWAYS call him Austin. We only had 4-5 boys at the time, so you'd think I would get his name right.

When we went to Day Camp, I promised him that if I called him Austin, he could call me Diane. I am always getting called Diane = like all my life. One of my best friends in a former neighborhood called me Diane for the first 4 years she knew me! urgh. lol

So I still struggle with calling Tyson "Austin" but his Mom helped me when I confessed it to her and she said just remember all of our children have a "Y" in their name.

That sort of helped. lol

Come see my new blog/site/url etc.!

renae's repertoire

~ Noelle said...

I would be upset too, but it was an honest mistake... I wouldn't worry that much, since you told the teacher, there really isn't much else you can do...
Things happen...

Theresa Mahoney said...

I would have felt bad too! It would have also kept me up at night until I rectified the situation. If I were to come across the wrongly accused, I'd apologize to him and his parents just to clear the air.

Veronica Lee said...

Like Noelle said, it was an honest mistake.

Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.


mail4rosey said...

I wouldn't want to get someone in trouble either, that didn't deserve it. You're right, we never know how the parents react.

You were totally right to contact the teacher again.

I've messed up too, nothing's coming to mind on the spot but I'm sure the list is long and plentiful.

Masshole Mommy said...

Totally not your fault - who in the world would ever think there would be TWO kids with such out of the ordinary similar names in his class. That is crazy alone....,

Eat To Live said...

oh no.... but hey, ship happens. How were you to know. I have messed up a lot in my life and I am sure I will do it again.

Terra Heck said...

I can see why you were a little freaked out, but things happen. It was good on your part to straighten out the situation.


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