Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. The main street outside my neighborhood is under construction again. It was like that in the fall to. It's all ok and dandy, except for the fact that I keep forgetting about it. I do avoid it once I see it by going down a side street, and taking the next street to the next main street. I just keep forgetting about it, and don't leave very much extra time in the morning. I want to slap myself. 

  2. I had a student drop out of my class this week. We only have 4 weeks left. He was a student that all the other students would call out. I would take roll (it's a small school), when I got to his name they would say, "He doesn't care." or "He's full of excuses." The crazy thing is that he stayed in the classes that are the core classes - not part of his major. What a waist of money! I know people go through things, but I can't imagine spending so much on school, just to throw it away.

  3. My husband sometimes complains about me reviewing this and that, "We have so much stuff!" As soon as I get something he wants he doesn't complain at all. :) I save so much on gifts. I review things, then set them in my closet for a birthday to come up. 

  4. I love my boys. Isaak has been such a slow poke lately. I go to pick them up at Kid's Club (their after school care), and he hides, acts like he doesn't hear the teacher when she calls him. He says, "I just want to keep playing!" Then it takes him forever to walk to get his backpack. While I'm glad he loves the after school care, I'm kind of annoyed that he's not excited to see me and happy to go home. I never thought we'd run into this. I thought we'd have the opposite problem of the boys hating Kid's Club. It's odd because the older one, Mica is happy to see me, and happy to go home. Isaak's always been a Momma's boy, and Mica's goes to me for somethings and Dad for others.

  5. Mica's in a club after school just on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few weeks. It's all about learning about your body, and being healthy. At the club they gave him a pedometer. He's been really serious about getting his steps in. It's great!


Harry Flashman said...

You certainly find a lot of activities for your boys. We had a hard time doing that here. We did go into martial arts for years, but there weren't any clubs for the kids so we never did any of that I can remember.

I think reviewing things is a great idea. Not only do you learn about products you might be able to use, but you have interesting blogs as a result.

I wish gun companies gave out products for review, but they only do that with magazine writers and then you have to return the gun!

~ Noelle said...

I know what you mean... Broxton begs me to let him stay after school... i thought he would be eager to come home to me (and his toys )

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's cool Mica's getting interested in fitness and is paying attention to his pedometer!

I stopped taking a lot of review offers lately. If it's not something I *really* want, I pass. I just to find the joy in reviewing products that I won't get a lot of use out of. I just took 2 bags to the trash, 6 boxes to Salvation Army, and have a stack of yard sale stuff to get rid of next month. I am in full spring cleaning mode and refuse the let the junk pile back up again.

Unknown said...

Aw, that's good and bad news that they've taken to Kids' Club so well. I agree, the money you'd be saving on gifts would be amazing. And anything you get that you just really can't use, you could give to charity.

Masshole Mommy said...

I think that is great about kids club. They have clubs like that here, too, but my boys weren't interested. I was bummed, but I don't want to force them, either.

Masshole Mommy said...

I think that is great about kids club. They have clubs like that here, too, but my boys weren't interested. I was bummed, but I don't want to force them, either.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

reviewing is fun :)..although I haven't done that here but I believe it's great to have a say about certain product and get them for free :).

I sometimes also feel that my kids are closer to their dad as I spend so much time outside the house working. These series of therapies that I have to go make it worse. I hope my kids will understand soon that I just have to do this temporarily. Keep the spirit up ;)

Eat To Live said...

My Hubs has been paying more attention to his fitness since he found out his iPhone works to track steps, stairs and miles walked. Good for Mika!

Charlie said...

I think it is great that the kids have a variety of things to choose from. You are really good at offering them things around the home and outside it.
Reviews-I used to review many things as well but in order to blog again, hubby said no more reviews; even if only a couple now and then. I guess he forgot how nice they were and to save as gifts whenever possible. Instead, he remembered that I would get stressed when so many would come in and some winners would get nasty when they didn't respond in time so another had to be chosen. Ugh.


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