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Duct Tape 101 Adventurous Ideas For Art, Jewelry, Flowers, Wallets, and More Book Review

It was some much fun getting Duct Tape 101 Adventurous Ideas For Art, Jewelry, Flowers, Wallets and More By Forest Walker Davis to review.

You can get this book on Amazon for $14.05 for Flexibound to $18.99 for Kindle. It is on Prime, so if you have Prime there's no shipping cost.

Isaak loves tape. Duct tape is known to hold up. If you've ever heard the expression, Anything can be made with Duct Tape. It's true. I have a project in one of my classes where students have to use only white paper and materials to make what they set out to make. This book reminded me of that project. Using Duct Tape is a fun challenge. 

The hard thing is that a lot of craft sets out there are for girls. This book has crafts for both boys and girls. It's really perfect for him! 

Duct Tape introduces the simple but versatile material and offers 101 creative projects to make. There's a lot of photos and illustrations in this book to help the instructions make sense. Each project is fully illustrated and contains easy-to-follow instructions for creating inexpensive craft projects of the utmost quality and aesthetic.

The Tape Guy, Forest Walker Davis, helps you to create more than mere embellishments! Try making frames, bags, flowers, clothes and bow ties. These projects are just the beginning. Durable and safe to use almost anywhere, Duct Tape projects are great fun for crafters of any age!
While some projects were a little advanced for my little crafter Isaak, there are things he can do.
The Vertical Wallet

I want to try the Globe with Mica (he's not crafty, but loves the globes, and maps).

I'd like to make two Hair Bows, but make them into bow ties for the boys.

I'd love a few Duct Tape Beach Bags for my husband and my lunches. We'd just have to make them a bit smaller.

Isaak and I made the Plain/Masquerade Mask. I started out making it, and he said, "Mom I can do it!" He finished it.

We had cardboard that had two circles cut out of it already, so we went with that, and black Duct Tape.

Move beyond the wallet with an inspiring collection of exciting duct tape projects!
Sturdy and resistant, and with a myriad of interesting colors and patterns, duct tape is fast becoming a perfect crafting, home and DIY material.

Isaak and I decided to start with one of the more simple crafts in the book. I figure we can work our way up to more challenging crafts.

Have you ever made anything out of Duct Tape?

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Unknown said...

That's a great idea, I'm amazed at the detail of some of those products.

Ai Sakura said...

wow I'd love to see you make that duct tape bag! I don't think we get that many colours and varieties here. I craft more with washi tapes that have more designs and colours, but definitely not as lasting as duct tapes.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

I've only done bookmarks and cell phone cases so far. I think Allison would get a kick out of making one of those hair bows.

Masshole Mommy said...

My kids made duct tape wallets not too long ago. You can make a TON of stuff with duct tape!

Eat To Live said...

I have seen on television and in books where they stick people to waltz using duct tape

Erin said...

I love that mask!

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